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In Paisanos we help startups and big companies to create experiences and connect with their customers through digital products with delightful designs.

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Accelerating digital transformation for traditional finance entities.



The app that aims to replace cash for digital payments in Argentina.



Earn crypto currencies watching advertising and spend it in exclusive short streaming video content.


The first on-demand insurance platform. Ensure your products with just a few clicks.


Bringing technology to education. Blended is changing parents, teachers, and students communication.


Reinventing parking meter in LATAM. A full integrated system for municipalities and operators.


Hire a contractor for a building construction now is easier, faster and trustable than ever. Find them all in one place.

Fight COVID-19

A Mobile App to detect Coronavirus through Artificial Intelligence and x-ray images. #stayhome #staysafe

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A team chasing

Since 2012, we’ve helped startups and big companies to design, build, and ship amazing products and services.

Meet our team and culture

"Working with Paisanos didn't felt like working with a provider, we really make a team joining our business expertise and their experience thinking, designing and shipping digital products."

Co-Founder & CEO in Uarp

What our clients are saying

"Paisanos help us to make the difference in a competitive Argentinian fintech market with strong players with a lot of years of experience"

Pablo Scoglio

"Working with Paisanos didn't felt like working with a provider, we really make a team joining our business expertise and their product experience"

Claudio Margulies
Co-founder at Uarp

"Having Paisanos as allies gives us the possibility to continue innovating, evolving and proposing new solutions through our product day by day"

Juan C. Falcón
Co-founder at Wyder

"At the really beginning, we needed more than just developers. We needed a team! Paisanos helped us to think and create our product."

Bartolomé Bunge
Founder at WeCover

"Paisanos is not just a service provider for us, we make a partnership in order to take Flixxo to another level, creating a new and innovative experience"

Adrián Garelik
Co-founder at Flixxo

"Paisanos not only implemented Edify, they also helped us to define the product scope and MVP."

Luis G. Argibay
Co-Founder at Edify

They trusted us

If we believe, we work for equity

If we believe in the idea, the team vision, and we think that the problem they want to solve is real, we will contribute with all our resources to boost the project.

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