A disrupting era in
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WeCover is changing the insurance industry with a new concept of on demand insurance


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Product building, Branding, UI/UX Design, Development


Designer, UX Analyst, Product Owner, Mobile developer, Web developer


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The challenge

We work side by side with the WeCover team in order to achieve a product that changes the traditional business model of a conservative industry such as insurance.

Play and pause your insurance

We came across with a solution that fits with the user problem we wanted to solve.

Users want to be able to activate their objects insurance just for the time that the asset is in risk, and
pay only for the equivalent of time consumed.

This opens a new scenario on insurtech since WeCover is the first platform that offers on demand insurance, adopting a pricing model focused on their users needs, and not in the business needs.

Create your inventory

Users are able to create their product inventory in order to play and pause their policy insurance when it's needed

Solving traditional pains

One of the main pains on traditional insurance customer journey is when try to claim for a stolen or damaged asset, that's why the claims section allows users to talk to an agent and manage their complaints.

Find your products

In order to add products to their inventory, users are able to search by category and find the product they want to insurance.

If the product isn't available on the catalog, they are able to create a custom request.

"Together with Paisanos, we fostered a creative environment where it was safe to question the status quo."

Bartolomé Bunge
Founder at WeCover

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